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sqlDESKTOP what's new

 New in release 3.60

  •  Support  Windows 7

  •  Portable version

  •  Upload feature to FaceBook, Flickr, Picasa

New in release 3.50

  • Appearance

  • Tag search

  • Many photos to choose for each item

  • Interface fully customizable

  • Search for items created during a period

    of time

  • Improve support of email server

  • Choice of font size in bulk talk

  • add bulk "think"

 New in release 3.00

  •  Support  Mysql release 5

  •  Support  SqlServer 2005

  •  Support the free version of SqlServer  , DB2, Oracle ( SqlServer Express, DB2 Express, Oracle Express)

  •  Support Derby - Cloudscape database

  •  Add server component for small networks without DBA: sqlDESKTOPserver ( Derby - Cloudscape database is embedded with sqlDESKTOPserver).

  •  Add back up feature for the single user version ( with HSQLDB database)

  •  Improve support of digital photos. You can save photo with bulk talk or in comics format into a Jpeg file ( to be printed or shared on blog). you can mail photo with bulk talk or in comics format directly to traditional email application ( Outlook, Thunderbird,..)

  •  Improve interface to email.

  •  Fix exception error when album photo is a linked item..

New in release 2.0

  •  Improve support of email. You can send sqlDESKTOP items (binder, folder, etc..) to users not connected to your database and they will receive your mail as an sqlDESKTOP item (binder, folder etc..) even if they use another email application (outlook, thunderbird etc..) to retrieve theirs mails. And you can use sqlDESKTOP to retrieve mails sent by another email application (outlook, thunderbird, etc..)

  •  Support of digital photos. You can  import photos, create album photo, write story from photos in comic style...  

  •  Support the right click

  •  HSQLdb release 1.7.3

  •  JVM  1.5

New in release 1.15

  • - JVM release 1.4 (Windows & Linux)

  • - Improve support for Red hat WS 3  and Mandrake 9.2

  • - Support Java Desktop System 

New in release 1.14

  • - RPM distribution (Linux)

  • - Add launch command in Gnome menu of Mandrake distribution (Linux).

New in release 1.13

  • - Support of Oracle 9i.

  • - Improve support of big files (> 2MB).

  • - Improve support of files on removable media (CD, DVD etc..)

New in release 1.12

  • - New database creation script for mySQL . sqlDESKTOP can now use mySQL database running on case sensitive OS (LINUX - UNIX etc.. On previous release, sqlDESKTOP can only use mySQL on Windows)

  • - Improve support of Redhat 8, 9 and Mandrake 9.1

  • - Improve the processing of Internet URL.

  • - Input error during the configuration of the mail server no longer require to cancel the whole process.

  • - No longer need to manually empty the database if sqlDESKTOP is aborted during the first launch. 

New in release 1.11

  • - Fix synchronization command error 

  • - Fix open link (shortcut) item error 

New in release 1.10

  • - New installer to better support Suse 8.1, 64-bit Redhat (Linux), to choose installed directory (Windows only)

  • - Fix exception error when first user is not root (Linux)

  • - Preference setting (background color, language..) is per user ( on release 1.0 per desktop)

  • - On Linux system, no longer require Write permission on the install directory (/opt/sqldesktop) to run