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How sqlDESKTOP can help you to protect against data lost

Multi user version on small network (about 20 users) using sqlDESKTOPserver as database


Your data files (Word, Excel.... documents) are stored at two different locations: in the hard drive of your desktop and in the server database. If your desktop breaks down, you can logon from a new desktop. Your files will be read from the server database and re create into the new drive. If the server breaks down, you can work directly on your files and launch synchronize command when the server is up to apply update to database.

The back up feature of sqlDESKTOPserver is very easy to use (just click). To minimize data lost when hard drive fails, DERBY (the database that sqlDESKTOPserver uses to store data) maintains a transaction log. Transaction log contains all modifications applied to the database since the last backup. When you restore from a back up and use the transaction log to roll forward, no database update is lost ( In the worst case only the last transaction that can not be written into the transaction log might be lost).


 Multi user version on large network (many hundreds or thousands users)


Your data are stored into enterprise class database ( DB2, Oracle, Sql Server, Mysql etc...). Those databases provide excellent features to protect against data lost. They can run on cluster of redundant multiprocessor servers with RAID and hot swap hard drives. Further more, those database are operated by IT professionals who regularly backup the servers. Your data files are as secure as large central database.


Single user version (free version with HSQLDB database)


This version runs on a desktop ( or laptop) and is not connected to a server. Your data are stored in the hard drive of your desktop but are split into two distinct parts : sqlDESKTOP data stored in the database and user's data (Word, Excel files etc..) stored in a standard directory. If a virus or an errant click wipe out your database, you can still access directly to your documents, start a new and empty database and import them again. To protect again hard drive failure, a Back up pack is available. The back up feature is very easy to use (designed for non IT professional - you have just to click), and is shown up when you quit sqlDESKTOP (no risk to forget). The back up is fast (only modified files are saved).